The North Side Gang

The North Side Gang (a.k.a. North Side Mob) was a criminal organization in Chicago in the 1920s which included Irish-American and Polish-American members. The rival of this gang was the Johnny Torrio – Al Capone organization (a.k.a. Chicago Outfit).

This gang, as many others Prohibition gangs, originated from the Market Street Gang which included many labor sluggers, sneak thieves and pick pockets. While it existed it was led by 4 bosses. First of them was Dean O’Banion who was also the founder of it. After his death Earl ‘Hymie’ Weiss took over. After his death for a short period of time Vincent ‘Schemer’ Drucci took over. The last boss was George ‘Bugs’ Morgan.


Dean O’Banion

Charles Dean O’Banion was born on July 8, 1892. He was from an Irish-American family and was a boss of North Side Gang starting in 1919 until he was murdered on November 10, 1924 by Albert Anselmi, John Scalise and Frankie Yale. He was the main rival of Al Capone and Johnny Torrio in the period of the brutal Chicago bootlegging wars. He was known as Dion O’Banion in the newspaper.

Earl ‘Hymie’ Weiss

Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski was born on January 25, 1898. He was born in Poland, but grew up in North Side, Chicago, USA. He was a boss of North Side Gang starting in 1924 after the death of O’Banion until he was murdered on October 11, 1926. He was a bitter rival of Al Capone and was known as the only man that Al Capone feared.

Vincent ‘Schemer’ Drucci

Vincent Drucci, was born in 1898 and he had American-Sicilian nationality. He was born in Chicago, but his family was from Sicilia. He was known as ‘The Schemer’ and was a boss of the North Side Gang starting 1926 after the death of Hymie. That didn’t last long since he was killed a few months later on April 4, 1927 at the age of 29. He was the only boss that was killed by a policeman in an unfortunate turn of events.

Louis ‘Two Gun’ Alterie

Louis Alterie was born on August 2, 1886 and was Californian. He was a member and a notorious hitman for the North Side Gang. He was known as a western enthusiast and it is assumed that he carried two Colt. Even though he left Chicago for a while, he came back to testify against Ralph Capone and was murdered soon after that on July 18, 1935.

Julian ‘Potatoes’ Kaufman

Julian Kaufman was a Chicagoan who was on the run from Al Capone. He was a criminal until he learned that gambling can bring him even more money with smaller risk. He was Dion O’Banion’s partner in crime and was invited to all of the important happenings. He operated the ritziest casino in the city along with Moran. After the casino was closed he got on Al Capone’s list of people that have to be murdered. Scared for his life, running away from Al Capone he moved to New York and was protected by Vincent Alo.