Bugs Moran Death

Who is Bugs Moran?

George Moran “bugs” was born in St. Paul Minnesota on August 21, 1891, by Jules Cunin and Marie Diana Gobel. His father was a qualified mason who was highly sought in the region. The hot-tempered and mean lad ran away from home and ended up in Chicago where he started hanging around with local kid criminals. Find out more about his biography.

His Criminal Life

In Chicago, George and his buddies started snatching horses and then demanded ransom. He and his friends were arrested, and when he found his way out of the prison, he was involved in another robbery and was taken back to jail. When he got out on parole, he joined the Notorious Northside gang which was in supremacy battle with the chief gangster, Al Capone, who had a rival gang that wanted to control Chicago. It was on February 14, 1929, when several members aligned to the Northside gang were gunned downed on Clark Street in Chicago by a gang dressed as police officers in what was referred to as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The gang is said to be aligned to Al Capone though it has never been proven. George was the only survivor.

His Peaceful Death

After the incidence, he relegated himself to committing petty crimes, ending his legacy with a longtime incarceration at the Leavenworth federal penitentiary. It is in this prison that he suffered from lung cancer and died.

When did Bugs Moran die?

February 25, 1957