The Moran Family

Bugs Moran’s father was Jules Cunin, and his mother was Jules and Marie Diana, they were both French immigrants. Jules Cunin was from Alsace-Lorraine in France and Marie was from Chicoutimi in Canada.

Bugs Moran was the first born this family, and his parents settled on the French side of St. Paul. His father, Jules Cunin was a Mason and with a high request for his skillful labor. Bugs and his father did not get along; Jules was an unkind and a high tempered man.

On the contrary, Marie was a loving and kind mother who loved him unconditionally, even when she discovered about bug’s criminal involvements and his new profile, she loved him instead of judging him.

Bugs Moran was from a family that believed in disciplinary action for wrongdoings; his father had adopted strict disciplinary ways. On the other hand, his mother was a devoted Christian, strongly dedicated to religion.

As a result of bugs Morgan nature, he didn’t get along with his brothers who were priests, and saw them as “Maudit freres” or the cursed brothers. He decided to run away from his family to Chicago, where he associated himself with the local criminal teenagers, this is where he found comfort and slowly advanced his crimes.

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